The buying force is coming back to ZRX and ZRX could move up to 1.3$, 1.6$ and 2$ in late September and early October. But if it loses this 1.05$ zone, it will fall down to 0.9$ or even 0.7$ zone

🔴Buy : 1.025-1.075$. SL if B 🔴Buy : 1.27-1.33$ if A. SL if B
🔴Sell : 1.27-1.33$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 1.56-1.64$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 1.95-2.05$. SL if A
🔵Sell : 1.025-1.075$ if B. SL if A 🔵Buy : 0.88-0.92$ if A. SL if B 🔵Buy : 0.68-0.72$. SL if B
📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as BUY & SELL section 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BACK-UP section 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section 🅰️A : The Close price of 1-day candlestick is Above the zone 🅱️B : The Close price of 1-day candlestick is Below the zone

  • 0X protocol is an open-source protocol and enables peer-to-peer exchange of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Several projects have been developed on 0X, such as RadarParaDex, and DeversiFi.
  • The protocol is built on an off-chain order relay with on-chain settlement. Specifically, orders are signed and broadcasted on the blockchain, while settlement is done on the blockchain.
  • Unlike Ethereum-built DEXs 1.0 (e.g., Oasis, IDEX), this protocol allows users to send and cancel orders without any associated gas fee, while maintaining the non-custodial feature of DEX.
  • In addition, the 0X protocol allows interoperability between dApps, fostering the liquidity of networks through positive network effects.
  • ZRX tokens are used for governance functions within the 0x ecosystem. They are also used by relayers to create liquidity pools.