ANT has conquered the $4.50 zone and is moving towards the $6, $7 and $9 zones this August and September. We will accumulate ANT in 2 zones of 5$ and 4.5$ for the above targets. However, if it loses the $4.50 zone, it will fall back to the $3.50 zone

🔴Buy : 4.88-5.12$ 🔴Buy : 4.4-4.6$. SL if B
🔴Sell : 5.85-6.15$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 6.85-7.15$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 8.8-9.2$. SL if A
🔵Sell : 4.4-4.6$ if B. SL if A 🔵Buy : 3.4-3.6$. SL if B
🕯Timeframe : 1 Day 📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as BUY & SELL section 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BACK-UP section 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section 🅰️A : The Close price of candlestick is Above the zone 🅱️B : The Close price of candlestick is Below the zone

  • Aragon is an open-source project that aims to build tools for the creation of decentralized organizations on Ethereum.
  • The Aragon Network Token (ANT) is an ERC-20 token that is used to back work tokens such as ANJ and ARA for dedicated network services, and is also a governance token for managing the overall network.
  • Aragon's current flagship product is the Aragon client, a toolbox through which users can create decentralized organizations.
  • The project is also building its own blockchain infrastructure Aragon Chain, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain built with Tendermint and the Cosmos SDK.