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Buy at Market 1.5353$ 1.4$ 2022/01/20 00:38
Highest Peak 1.896$ 35.4%
Take-Profit 1 1.759$ 1.8$ 28.6% 2022/01/20 08:33
Drop 15% 1.6111$ 2022/01/20 23:23
Stop-Loss 1.1851$ 2022/01/23 00:02

Total PnL: 28.6% - CLOSED

  • COCOS-BlockChain Expedition (BCX) is a platform dedicated to build "the next generation of the digital game economy".
  • Cocos-BCX intends to cater to:
    • Developers: it aims to provide a highly convenient and complete multi-platform runtime environment for game development.
    • Users: Cocos intends to deliver a "whole new gaming experience". Specifically, its game experience is provided in a four-phased approach. While it starts by merely using fungible tokens for the in-game economy, its final goal is to fully move onto a blockchain.
  • Cocos-BCX has a live programmable mainnet that relies on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.
  • COCOS is the native asset of the Cocos-BCX blockchain and is used to pay for transaction and gas fees, but can also be staked for participating in DPoS consensus and its underlying blockchain governance.