The buying power is quite strong at the $8 zone and it is moving towards the $10 and $13 zone. But if it loses the $8 zone it will fall back to the $7 and $6 zone

♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes ABOVE 8$ zone 🔴Buy : 8.5 - 8 🔴Sell : 10 - 13
♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes BELOW 8$ zone 🔵Sell : 8 🔵Buy : 7 - 6
🚫Stoploss for Long : 10% 🚫Stoploss for Short : 5% 📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as RED PLAN 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BLUE PLAN 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section

  • Dego Finance (Dego) is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol & infrastructure, and an open NFT ecosystem where anyone can mint NFTs, initiate NFT mining, auctions and trading.

  • Dego also offers a cross-chain infrastructure to enable blockchain projects to grow their user base, distribute tokens, and develop more diverse NFT-powered applications. The project is also building a parachain through Substrate, enabling cross-chain NFT asset transfers, combining applications and underlying protocols.

  • DEGO is the utility token of the Dego platform and has the following use cases:

    • Governance: DEGO token holders will vote on platform parameters to navigate the project’s economics and developments.
    • Incentives: DEGO tokens are used to incentivize user participation in bounty hunting, referrals and other programs in the future.
    • NFT Suite: DEGO tokens are required for NFT minting, staking, auction, trading and more.
    • System Tax: Users who transact with DEGO tokens will contribute to a dividend pool.
  • The platform includes the DEGO NFT Suite, offering a complete suite of products to manage the lifecycle of NFTs:

    • NFT Foundry: Mint NFTs with unique attributes and rarity grades by depositing DEGO, ERC-20, or BEP-20 tokens. DEGO Finance's NFTs are backed by the token deposits during the minting process, and can be decomposed to release the deposited tokens.
    • NFT Mining: Stake NFTs and mine rewards.
    • Auctions: NFT auctions are carried out in the form of FOMO3D auctions.
    • NFT Marketplace: Users can trade NFTs at Treasureland.
    • ScanDrop: A dApp for users to participate in NFT airdrops by scanning QR codes.
  • The project raised 1,000 ETH from a public sale, where 2,100,000 DEGO tokens (10.00% of the max supply) were sold at 0.00047619 ETH / DEGO.

  • As of March 10th 2021, the total token supply of DEGO is 21,000,000 and the circulating supply is ~40.99%.