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  • DREP is a blockchain connector and toolkit featuring gamification tools. The project supports one-click deployment of decentralized applications on multiple public chains.
  • The DREP Chain is based on an improved version of the traditional Practical-Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant (PBFT) consensus mechanism and Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism. DREP Chain is further compatible with smart contracts in the Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly formats. The DREP Chain has a dual-layer structure consisting of a root chain and customizable sub-chains.
  • A node can transmit real-time data executed in a smart contract to external applications through the Smart Pipeline, which will then take the results back to the blockchain after the computation is done. Smart Pipeline aims to handle more complex application scenarios while offering a more flexible and economical execution process with zero gas consumption.
  • The DREP token has multiple functions such as paying for gas fees and as a means of payment for transactions between sub-chains and for trading assets in future DREP games.