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Buy at Market 2.417$ 2.2$ 2022/01/14 07:35
Buy 1 2.254$ 2.2$ 2022/01/18 08:29
Highest Peak 2.54$ 15.5%
Stop-Loss 2.109$ 2022/01/21 00:02
Hit Back-Up 1 1.945$ 2022/01/21 12:32
Hit Back-Up 2 1.64$ 2022/01/22 05:32
Stop-Loss 1.508$ -5.8% 2022/01/23 00:01

Total PnL: -9.9% - CLOSED

  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that is used to directly back the value of next-generation blockchain assets. It aims to become "the gold standard for digital assets".
  • Enjin created the open-source ERC-1155 token standard: it enables game editors to convert various types of assets, such as currency, real estate, digital art, and gaming items into tokens that are usable in blockchain applications.
  • Enjin has built a complete ecosystem for on-chain applications, which integrates with its open-source token standard and features a unique blockchain explorer (EnjinX). Enjin focuses on adoption for non-blockchain participants with various solutions for professionals.
  • Non-fungible assets (ERC-1155 tokens) can be backed with Enjin Coin. Some of the use-cases range from the certification of ownership, the compatibility with the Enjin ecosystem, their real-world value (as ENJ tokens are traded on exchanges), and tangibility features (they can be destroyed to redeem the ENJ tokens). Owing to the backing of many NFT by ENJ tokens, its adoption leads to reductions in the effective supply of Enjin Coin.
  • Several of its most prominent tokens include the Binance Collectibles issued in December 2019.