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  • IoTeX's mission is to be a privacy-centric blockchain managing the entire information lifecycle of an Internet of Things (IOT) network, including data collection, transport, storage, and utilization.
  • IoTeX uses a Roll-Delegated-Proof-of-Stake ("Roll-DPoS") consensus mechanism to deliver "higher scalability with instant finality, without sacrificing decentralization or security".
  • IoTeX distinguishes itself with three main functionalities and service offerings:
    • Layer 2 chain as a service: as layer 2 chains share the same pool of delegate resources, it becomes straightforward to create a subchain as, for example, an EC2 instance on AWS Cloud.
    • Edge trusted computing: it will enable the “sharing economy for trust computing and unlock many interesting trust and privacy-centric dApps".
    • Cross-network interoperability with other blockchains, as well as layer-2 IoTeX chains, is supported.
  • IOTX is the native asset of the IoTeX network. Respective use-cases include: (1) decentralized governance, (2) gas fees, and (3) staking for Layer-2 chains.