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  • MovieBloc is a decentralized movie and content distribution platform. It aims to create a transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity for content creators.
  • The viewers will have access to various contents, and get rewarded for providing curation and marketing material to the ecosystem. The project has raised ~$4MM via private and public token sales, and is founded by Chris Kang, Jeffrey Jin, and Peter Kim.
  • The MovieBloc ecosystem consists of three layers: .BlocMarket, and Fundraising. .Bloc is a decentralized community layer connecting all participants, Market is a layer where content and talent can be traded, and the Fundraising layer supports and incentivizes content creators.
  • The MovieBloc platform runs on the Ontology blockchain, with its utility token MBL being a OEP-4 token. It is used for all payment-related services, such as premium content, translation, and within the MovieBloc ecosystem. Besides payment for services, the MBL token is also used to reward users for reporting illegal content and reviewing films.