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Buy at Market 0.22$ 0.2$ 2022/05/14 04:02
Buy 1 0.2047$ 0.2$ 2022/05/14 10:57
Highest Peak 0.2696$ 34.8%
Take-Profit 1 0.2543$ 0.26$ 30.0% 2022/05/17 23:17
Drop 15% 0.2219$ 2022/05/18 15:11

Total PnL: 30.0%

  • Origin is building “the future of internet commerce” and have the proclaimed mission to "enable true peer-to-peer commerce".
  • As such, the Origin Platform powers decentralized e-commerce stores, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and other commerce applications with the goals of reducing or removing transaction fees, promoting more open and free commerce, and giving all ecosystem participants stakes in the network.
  • The Origin Token, OGN, is a multi-purpose ERC-20 token, build to fuel the growth of the Origin network. OGN enables an affiliate/advertising platform, incentivizes end-users to use and share the platform, and transfers value between buyers and sellers as a payment token. In addition, OGN is used for on-chain governance purposes.