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Buy at Market 14.57$ 14$ 2022/05/06 07:30
Buy 1 14.32$ 14$ 2022/05/06 07:40
Highest Peak 14.57$ 4.1%
Warning 12H 13.57$ 2022/05/08 12:02
Stop-Loss 13.25$ -5.4% 2022/05/09 16:55
Hit Back-Up 1 11.19$ 2022/05/09 16:56
Hit Back-Up 2 11.15$ 2022/05/09 16:57
Buy at Back-Up 2 11.15$ 11$ 2022/05/09 16:58
Warning 12H 10.46$ 2022/05/11 12:02
Stop-Loss 9.09$ -17.4% 2022/05/12 00:01

Total PnL: -22.7% - CLOSED

  • Polkadot facilitates cross-chain communication and interoperability by connecting multiple blockchains into one unified network.
  • Polkadot's infrastructure includes the Relay Chain, the Parachains, and the Bridges.
    • The Relay Chain is the central chain of the Polkadot network. All validators of Polkadot are staked on the Relay Chain.
    • The Parachains are parallel chains that connect to the Relay chain and are maintained by their validators, called collators.
    • The Bridges are special blockchains that allow Parachains to connect to and communicate with external networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Polkadot uses DOT tokens for operating on its network. DOT serves multiple purposes such as:
    • Governance: where participants can manage protocol updates and fixes.
    • Staking: where the tokens are staked to ensure the network remains secure, as good validators are rewarded, and bad actors lose their stake. 
    • Bonding: where new parachains are supported by bonding tokens.
    • Fees: for ferrying messages across parachains.
  • Based on Polkadot’s first stakeholder vote, all DOT tokens will be redenominated by a factor of 100 at block 1,248,328, estimated to occur at 2020/08/21 4:40 PM (UTC). To support the redenomination plan, all DOT deposits made to Binance after block 1,205,128 will be multiplied by a coefficient of 100. For example, if a user deposits 10 DOT, he/she will be credited with 1,000 DOT to his/her account.