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  • The Polymath project aims to "help enterprises issue security tokens on a blockchain". As a company, Polymath has built some of the most prominent token standards on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Commonly referred to "The Security Token Standard", the ERC-1400 library of standards comprises multiple innovative sub-elements such as the Partially Fungible Token (ERC-1410)Core Security Token (ERC-1594), Document & Legend Management (ERC-1643), and Controller Token Operation (ERC-1644) standards. It allows features such as whitelisting & blacklisting, and the use of legal documents for on-chain applications.
  • Polymesh is a blockchain structure that enables users to issue their own security tokens, built with confidentiality, identity, governance, and compliance in mind. Polymesh utilizes the Nominated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.
  • Validators (i.e., permissioned entities) stake POLY tokens on the network and run authoring nodes. Nominators stake POLYX tokens on Validators, As a result, both are rewarded or fined by the network based on blocks being added to the chain and the fulfilment of their designated roles.