Buying power is appearing at the $0.03 zone so we can expect another rally of STMX to the $0.036 and $0.05 zones or even higher in the next few days. But if it loses the $0.03 zone, it will fall back to the $0.026 or $0.02 area

🔴Buy : 0.0293-0.0307$. SL if B
🔴Sell : 0.035-0.037$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 0.0488-0.0512$. SL if A
🔵Sell : 0.0293-0.0307$ if B. SL if A 🔵Buy : 0.0254-0.0266$ if A. SL if B 🔵Buy : 0.0195-0.0205$. SL if B
🕯Timeframe : 1 Day 📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as BUY & SELL section 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BACK-UP section 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section 🅰️A : The Close price of candlestick is Above the zone 🅱️B : The Close price of candlestick is Below the zone

  • StormX, Inc. is building and empowering a gig economy via Storm Play, a mobile app that uses blockchain technology to match people with tasks, letting them complete small gigs in five minutes or less and be rewarded in cryptocurrency.
  • This gamified micro-task platform is available for Android and iOS and allows products and services such as Netflix, Hulu, or games such as Final Fantasy to increase their outreach.
  • The STMX token is an ERC-20 token, with a total supply of 10 billion.