The 28$ zone is an important support zone at the moment because if it doesn't lose this zone, it will pump strongly to 34$, 42$ and 56$ in next days. But if it loses this support zone, it will fall down to 24$ or even 21$ at late September

🔴Buy : 27.3-28.7$. SL if B 🔴Buy : 33.2-34.8$ if A. SL if B
🔴Sell : 33.2-34.8$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 41-43$. SL if A 🔴Sell : 54.5-57.5$. SL if A
🔵Sell : 27.3-28.8$ if B. SL if A 🔵Buy : 23.4-24.6$ if A. SL if B 🔵Buy : 20.5-21.5$. SL if B
📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as BUY & SELL section 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BACK-UP section 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section 🅰️A : The Close price of 1-day candlestick is Above the zone 🅱️B : The Close price of 1-day candlestick is Below the zone

  • Waves is a blockchain and toolkit for building decentralized apps. It features Leased Proof-of-Stake where users can securely lend their tokens to a node of their choice (or their own node) for the sole purpose of validating blocks.
  • Waves allows users to securely stake from cold storage without any risk of leaving funds vulnerable. Waves includes its own Ride programming language for writing smart contracts with speed and security in mind.
  • Waves features Waves-NG to increase throughput on the chain, allowing for easy token operations, such as trading on Waves Exchange, a built-in decentralized exchange. Waves also offers easy-to-deploy solutions for oracle creation, item market creation for games, and voting.