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Buy 1 0.0613$ 0.06$ 2022/01/20 18:23
Highest Peak 0.06156$ 2.6%
Stop-Loss 0.05697$ -5.1% 2022/01/21 00:02
Hit Back-Up 1 0.05093$ 2022/01/21 21:33
Hit Back-Up 2 0.04078$ 2022/01/22 10:07
Buy at Back-Up 2 0.04279$ 0.04$ 2022/01/23 00:02
Warning 12H 0.0389$ 2022/01/24 12:02
Take-Profit 0 0.05864$ 0.06$ 50.0% 2022/02/08 00:56
Stop-Loss 0.03888$ 2022/02/24 00:01

Total PnL: 45.0% - CLOSED

  • Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of the world’s first blockchains being built on a sharded architecture and features smart contracts written in the platform’s proprietary programming language: Scilla.
  • Zilliqa’s smart-contract platform scales linearly without compromising on the needed security provided by the decentralization of validating nodes. The platform successfully balances the prevailing blockchain “trilemma”: securityscalability, and decentralization.
  • Zilliqa is committed to building a convenient and secure building experience for developers, and has cultivated a 1000+ person-strong developer community.
  • The company’s ecosystem growth arm called “ZILHive” has supported 70+ projects through grants, incubation, and mentorship facilities. Notable grant recipients include UnstoppableDomainsTEEX, and Transak. Zilliqa aims to leverage blockchain to develop an infrastructure for Open Finance in emerging markets (especially ASEAN) in collaboration with key partners and talent within our ecosystem.
  • Zilliqa's utility token, ZIL, can be used to navigate the Zilliqa blockchain by executing smart contracts and paying transactions fees. ZIL is further paid out as a block reward.