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Buy at Market 1.843$ 1.7$ 2022/06/09 14:04
Highest Peak 2.565$ 50.9%
Take-Profit 1 2.067$ 2$ 17.6% 2022/06/09 15:33
Take-Profit 2 2.473$ 2.4$ 41.2% 2022/06/09 16:01
Drop 15% 2.169$ 2022/06/09 18:59
Stop-Loss 1.417$ 2022/06/13 00:06

Total PnL: 41.2% - CLOSED

  • Band Protocol offers a decentralized data oracle that connects smart contracts such as Defi to external data and APIs. The project has raised ~$10.5 MM via private token sales and the Binance Launchpad Sale.
  • The project uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) on its Cosmos-based blockchain. BandChain provides a decentralized, scalable, and cross-chain oracle solution for any decentralized finance application or smart contract developer.
  • BandChain allows developers to customize and create a 'data oracle script' that allows smart contracts to connect to external data sources and APIs, and specify aggregation methods and security parameters.
  • BAND is the native token of BandChain and is used as a medium of exchange for transfer/data request fees as well as staking to ensure accountability and secure data curation from a trusted global pool of validators.