♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes ABOVE 24$ zone 🔴Buy : 26 - 24 🔴Sell : 32 - 38 - 46 - 56

♻️Condition : If 1-Day closes BELOW 24$ zone 🔵Sell : 24 🔵Buy : 20

🚫Stoploss for Long : 10% 🚫Stoploss for Short : 5% 📈Red Arrow : Main Direction as RED PLAN 📉Blue Arrow : Back-Up Direction as BLUE PLAN 🟩Green zone : Support zone as BUY section 🟥Red zone : Resistance zone as SELL section
 Alert/Action  Notify at Price  Target Price  PnL  Timeline
Buy at Market 28.11$ 26$
Buy 2 24.55$ 24$
Highest Peak 37.8$ 51.2%
Stop-Loss 23.28$ -6.9% 2022/02/21 00:01
Hit Back-Up 1 20.24$ 2022/01/22 09:42
Buy at Back-Up 1 20.55$ 20$ 2022/01/23 00:01
Warning 12H 19.21$ 2022/01/24 12:01
Take-Profit 0 23.47$ 24$ 20.0% 2022/02/06 01:29
Stop-Loss 18.7$ 2022/02/21 00:01

Total PnL: 13.1% - CLOSED

  • The Internet Computer is a layer-1 protocol that is developed by the DFINITY Foundation and aims to become ‘a blockchain network that evolves the internet’. This ‘internet computer’ intends to ‘extend the functionality of the public internet so that it can host backend software’ on a smart-contract compatible, distributed network.
  • To realize this vision, the ICP strives to innovate on the dimensions of block times, confirmation time and scalability of computing and storage power.
  • The main innovation behind the Internet Computer is Chain Key Technology, which encompasses several new technologies including the consensus mechanism, Non-Interactive Distributed Key Generation (NI-DKG), Network Nervous System (NNS), Internet Identity, and more.
  • ICP is the native utility tokenof the Internet Computer, and is used in the following functions:
    • Governance: ICP token holders may stake ICP in the Network Nervous System (NNS) to create "Neurons" to vote on governance proposals and earn voting rewards.
    • Network transactions: ICP tokens can be dissolved and converted into cycles, which are used to run websites and applications on the network via canisters.
    • Learn more about the token utility of ICP here.
  • The protocol consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
    • Network Nervous System (NNS): The NNS is the underlying blockchain, which controls the network and allocates computing power provided by the various nodes.
    • Nodes: Each node is a sub-network with - in functional order - a (i) P2P layer, (iii) consensus layer, (iii) message routing layer and (iv) execution environment.
    • Consensus: Larger consensus among nodes is generally consensus-mechanism agnostic, but always divided into four layers: a notary layer, blockchain layer, random beacon layer and identity layer.
    • Neurons: Neurons allow users to stake their ICP utility tokens for voting power on governance proposals. Users earn rewards for voting on proposals. They can also unstake their ICP and convert them into cycles to power computation.
    • Cycles: Cycles are the computational resource, i.e., the ‘gas’, required to execute actions on the network.
    • Canisters: Every canister consists of WASM code and memory. Unlike in other chains such as Ethereum, cycles are pre-funded in each smart contract or canister.
    • Mokoto: A new WebAssembly compiler that is developed by the DFINITY Foundation.
  • As at May 10th 2021, the total supply of ICP is 469,213,710 and the current circulating supply is 125,067,597 (~26.65%).