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Buy at Market 0.2857$ 0.26$ 2022/06/09 11:03
Highest Peak 0.3209$ 23.4%
Take-Profit 1 0.3131$ 0.32$ 23.1% 2022/06/09 14:12
Drop 15% 0.2721$ 2022/06/10 12:33
Stop-Loss 0.2398$ 2022/06/12 00:07

Total PnL: 23.1% - CLOSED

  • Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem for the data economy and associated services.
  • Using Ocean software components, users can launch their own data marketplaces on Ocean, connected to the decentralized Ocean data sharing network.
  • Via these data marketplaces, data providers can monetize data while preserving privacy and control while data consumers can access data that they could not get before - private data.
  • Ocean tokens (OCEAN) are currently used within the Ocean network to pay for data services (download datasets, using compute-to-data).
  • In the future, OCEAN tokens can also be used for referral rewards, staking, as governance tokens for the OceanDAO and more.