You never give me your money chords are for the song “You Never Give Me Your Money” by The Beatles. This song is from their album Abbey Road, which was released in 1969. The chord progression of this song is as follows: Verse 1 – Gm/D-Cm7/Bb-F Bb6-Ebmaj7; Chorus – Ebmaj7-Gdim-A9sus4; Bridge A – Ebsus2/Bbm7 F#msus2/Ab Eb Bbsus4; Bridge B – D6add9(no3)/F# Ab Edim C#min11.

It starts with a simple guitar strumming pattern of four chords and then breaks into a full band arrangement featuring drums, bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars and piano. The chorus is also played on an organ before leading back to the verse section again.

Playing the classic Beatles song “You Never Give Me Your Money” is a great way to get together with friends and family for an impromptu jam session. The chords are simple enough that even beginning guitar players can pick them up quickly, making it easy to share the fun of playing music with others. If you’re looking for a starting point, try out these basic You Never Give Me Your Money chords: F major, C major, A minor 7th and G7th.

With just four chords and some practice strumming along to the tune you’ll be able to master this timeless Beatles classic in no time!

Beatles You Never Give Me Your Money Cover – Guitar Tab – Tutorial – Lesson (All Guitar Parts)

Golden Slumbers Chords

The chords to “Golden Slumbers” are relatively straightforward, making it a great song for beginners. The tune is composed of three simple chords—G major, D major, and C major—which can easily be strummed on the guitar or played on the keyboard. It’s also possible to sing along with these chords as they progress through the melody.

You Never Give Me Your Money Chords


What is the Easiest Beatles Song to Play on Acoustic Guitar?

The Beatles’ song “Blackbird” is one of the easiest songs to play on an acoustic guitar. With just a few chords and some basic strumming, it can be mastered in no time! Here are the steps needed to learn this classic tune:

• Learn the four chords used in “Blackbird” – G, D7, Em and C • Practice switching between these chords quickly and smoothly • Master basic picking techniques for each chord

• Start playing along with a metronome at very slow tempo • Gradually increase speed until you feel comfortable playing at full tempo With dedication and practice, anyone can master “Blackbird” on an acoustic guitar.

What Chord Did the Beatles Use the Most?

The Beatles used the I-V-vi-IV chord progression most often in their songs. This four chord pattern is comprised of: * I – The tonic, or root note of a key

* V – The dominant, which creates tension and leads back to the tonic * vi – The relative minor, which adds variation and color to the progression * IV – A subdominant that also returns to the tonic.

This simple yet powerful sequence can be found in many of their most memorable songs such as “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”.

What are All the Chords in C Major Scale?

The C major scale has seven chords: * C Major (C–E–G) * D Minor (D–F–A)

* E Minor (E–G–B) * F Major (F–A–C) * G Major (G-B-D )

* A Minor( A – C – E ) * B Diminished( B – D – F ). These chords are derived from the notes of a major scale and follow a specific pattern of half steps and whole steps.

Together, these seven chords provide the harmonic foundation for music in the key of C major.

Who Says John Mayer Easy Guitar Chords?

John Mayer is renowned for his easy guitar chords. Numerous guitarists have praised Mayer’s ability to compose simple, but effective chord progressions. The following are some of the sources that recognize John Mayer’s talent:

• Music Radar – “John Mayer’s songs contain basic chords and melodies that can easily be learned by beginners.” • Ultimate Guitar – “Mayer often uses classic blues-based riffs with simplified chord shapes and familiar turnarounds.” • Guitar World – “His music has a way of making complex ideas sound simple on the surface due to his masterful use of voicings and song structure.

” Overall, John Mayer is an excellent source for beginner guitar players looking for easy chords to practice with.


In conclusion, the You Never Give Me Your Money Chords are an essential part of playing The Beatles’ song. With some practice and patience, any musician can learn to play this classic track with ease. Additionally, learning how to read chord charts will help you better understand the basics of music theory and give you a great foundation for becoming a successful musician.