Does Autozone Give You Money for Old Batteries? No, They do provide a recycling program for all types of lead-acid batteries. This includes car, marine, and truck/RV/motorcycle batteries as long as the battery is 6 volts or larger.

Customers can drop off their used lead-acid batteries at any of their participating locations without charge to them. The store will then send the battery off to be recycled properly in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Autozone will give you a core credit when you purchase a new battery from them and return your old one. This core credit can be used as store credit towards the purchase of any Autozone product, including car batteries. So while they don’t technically give you money for your old battery, they do offer an incentive to recycle it responsibly by giving you store credit in exchange.

Does AutoZone give you money for old batteries?

Who Buys Old Car Batteries Near Me

If you’re looking for someone who buys old car batteries near you, look no further! Many auto parts stores and scrap metal dealers will purchase used car batteries. Be sure to call ahead of time to check if the store is currently accepting used car batteries, as well as what type of payment they offer.

You can also search online using keywords like “buy old car battery near me” or “used battery buyers in my area” to find local businesses that buy old car batteries.

Does Autozone Give You Money for Old Batteries


Does Autozone Give Gift Cards for Old Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does offer gift cards for old batteries. AutoZone offers customers a variety of ways to get rewards from recycling their old lead-acid car and truck batteries. Here is a list of the benefits:

– Customers can receive up to $10 in store credit when they recycle an eligible battery at any AutoZone location.

– The customer will be given a physical or digital gift card with the amount credited onto it upon completion of the transaction.

Recycled batteries are disposed of properly and safely in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Therefore, if you have an old lead-acid battery that needs to be recycled, bring it into your local AutoZone store and get rewarded!

Can You Get Money from an Old Battery?

No, you cannot get money from an old battery. However, you can recycle them for cash or other rewards:

• Bring your batteries to a local recycling center and receive $1 for each pound of lead acid.

• Take part in mail-in programs offered by companies that specialize in collecting used batteries and metals.

• Participate in scrap metal drives organized by charities at certain times of the year; these usually offer cash payments depending on the weight of the items collected.

Does Autozone Give You Money for Old Batteries


Can I Return a Battery to Autozone And Get My Money Back?

Yes, AutoZone accepts returns of unused batteries for a full refund. When returning an item to AutoZone:

• Have the original receipt and packaging available.

• Bring it back to its original condition within 90 days.

• Excluded from the return are used items, opened fluids or chemicals, and clearance items marked “No Return.” Any additional parts must also be returned with their original packaging for a refund.

Who Pays Top Dollar for Used Car Batteries?

Scrap metal dealers, auto shops, and recycling centers are the top buyers of used car batteries

 • Scrap metal dealers – pay according to the weight of the battery.

• Auto shops – will accept a single battery or multiple for a discounted price.

• Recycling centers – buy in bulk only, often at higher prices than scrap metal dealers or auto shops. No matter who you decide to sell to, make sure they have a good reputation as some may not offer fair value for your used car batteries.

Does Autozone Give You Money for Old Batteries



In conclusion, it is important to note that Autozone does not give you money for old batteries. However, they will accept them and recycle them in accordance with local regulations. This helps conserve resources and reduce environmental pollution caused by battery waste.

In addition, Autozone offers a variety of new car batteries at competitive prices as well as recycling services for used ones. Ultimately, Autozone provides an environmentally friendly way to dispose of old car batteries while providing customers with access to quality new products when needed.