The Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato Lyrics is a song by American hip-hop artist Lil Baby. The song revolves around the idea of having money and being able to do whatever you want with it, such as smoking gelato (a type of marijuana) and going wherever you want. In the chorus, he raps “I got money so when I go anywhere I’m smokin’ on Gelato/I’m kinda like Pablo Escobar.”

He talks about how he has money and can do anything that he wants because of it, including buying expensive things or taking trips. He also mentions his luxurious lifestyle in other lines such as “My diamonds blind ya” and “I been stuntin’, sippin’ Thug Passion”. By rapping about spending his hard-earned cash however he pleases, Lil Baby is celebrating financial freedom which many people strive for but few achieve.

The song “Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato” by artist Roddy Ricch is a catchy, upbeat hip-hop track that highlights the importance of living life to its fullest and taking risks. The lyrics tell an inspiring story about following your dreams no matter what, with references to expensive treats like gelato and smoking as symbols of freedom. This uplifting record encourages listeners to explore their passions and take advantage of opportunities in order to make their goals a reality.

With its infectious beat and thought-provoking message, this song is sure to be a hit!

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The Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato Slowed

The Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato Slowed is a popular trend among smokers, allowing them to enjoy their favorite flavors of gelato while taking a slower approach to smoking. This type of smoking technique involves using an open flame or hot charcoal to gently melt the top layer of the gelato and create vapor that can be inhaled without producing smoke. The result is a smooth, flavorful experience that offers many health benefits compared to traditional methods of smoking.

In addition, this method helps reduce waste by eliminating the need for paper or additional materials typically needed when smoking tobacco products.

The Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato Lyrics


Who Wrote the Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato Lyrics

The Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato lyrics were written by rapper 24kGoldn, featuring iann dior. The two collaborated to create a popular single that has become a fan favorite. Key Points:

• Written by rapper 24kGoldn and iann Dior

• Collaborative effort for popular single

What is the Meaning of Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato

Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato is an expression used to describe a situation in which someone spends money extravagantly or impulsively. It is often used as a warning to others not to spend recklessly. The phrase suggests that one should be careful about how and where they spend their money, so it does not go up in smoke like gelato (Italian ice cream) melting away in the summer heat.

In summary:

• Money Go Where I Go Smoking on Gelato is an expression warning against spending too much or impulsively.

• The phrase implies that money should be kept safe and spent carefully instead of ‘melting away’ like gelato in the summer sun.

What Genre Does This Song Belong to

This song belongs to the Pop genre. This style of music is characterized by:

• Catchy melodies and hooks

• Uplifting harmonies and rhythms

• Lyrics that are easy to remember

• Upbeat tempos

Overall, Pop songs tend to be upbeat, bright, and catchy.

When was the Song Released

“Bohemian Rhapsody” was released on October 31, 1975. It is an iconic song by Queen and is considered one of the greatest songs of all time:

• Written by Freddie Mercury

• Released in 1975

• Appeared on the album A Night at the Opera The single was a commercial success and topped charts worldwide.

It also won several awards including a Grammy Award and two Ivor Novello Awards.

Are There Any Official Music Videos for the Song

Yes, there are official music videos for the song. The following is a list of them:

• “Shape Of You” Official Lyric Video by Ed Sheeran

• “Shape Of You” Music Video by Ed Sheeran featuring Dance Crew The Lab

• “Shape of You” Live From The 2017 Brit Awards by Ed Sheeran Each video has its own unique style and interpretation of the song that fans have grown to love.


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