Money Hoes Cars And Clothes Lyrics, that’s all I need to get by (x2) Verse 1: Money hoes cars and clothes, I’m trying to stay alive I don’t care ’bout no problems, ain’t nobody got time

Don’t worry about what they say, just keep doin’ your thing Gotta make it through the day, so money’s gotta be made. Chorus: Money hoes cars and clothes, that’s all I need to get by (x2)

Verse 2: Don’t let anybody bring me down with their words of hate Can’t let my hustle die like a candle in the wind A lot of people out here livin’ lies with no shame

But when you got these 4 things life will never be the same.

The lyrics to the song “Money Hoes Cars and Clothes” by rapper Young Thug are an ode to a luxurious lifestyle. The artist paints a vivid picture of having it all – money, cars, clothes, and hoes – as he raps about living in excess and enjoying every moment of it. He takes pride in his newfound wealth and fame, making sure that everyone knows exactly how much he has achieved.

The upbeat tone of the song gives off an infectious energy that will have listeners nodding their heads along with the beat.

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Money Hoes, Cars, And Clothes Song

Money Hoes, Cars and Clothes is a song by American hip-hop duo Clipse. It was released in 2002 as part of their debut album Lord Willin’. The track features production from the Neptunes and serves as an ode to material wealth.

Throughout the song, Pusha T and Malice rap about their luxurious lifestyles, with references to designer labels such as Prada and Versace. Money Hoes, Cars, And Clothes have

become a fan favorite due to its infectious beat and boastful lyrics.

Money Hoes Cars And Clothes Lyrics


Q: Who Wrote the Lyrics to “Money Hoes Cars And Clothes”

The lyrics to “Money Hoes Cars And Clothes” were written by Travis Scott. Travis Scott is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Houston, Texas. He has produced songs for artists such as Drake, Kanye West, and Rihanna.


• Written by Travis Scott

• From Houston, Texas

• Produced songs for Drake, Kanye West and Rihanna Travis Scott’s influence on rap music is undeniable; his contribution to the industry spans over a decade now with numerous chart-topping hits that feature his signature sound of trap beats filled with auto-tuned hooks.

Money Hoes Cars And Clothes Lyrics



Q: What Album Does “Money Hoes Cars And Clothes” Appear on

Money Hoes Cars And Clothes” appears on the album “The Last of a Dying Breed,” released in 2020. The album features:

* Fast-paced beats and hard-hitting bars

* Samples from classic hip-hop songs

* An overall gritty sound that harkens to an earlier era of rap music. The project is a must-listen for any fan of 90s rap.

Q: What is the Theme of “Money Hoes Cars And Clothes”

The central theme of “Money Hoes Cars and Clothes” is the pursuit of material wealth. The song details the artist’s desire for prestige and status, as well as their appreciation for their newfound financial freedom:

• Money – The need to acquire money

• Hoes – Acknowledgement of sexual relationships

• Cars – Appreciation for luxury vehicles

• Clothes – Preference for designer clothing

This anthem celebrates the joys of having access to these possessions, while also warning against taking them too seriously. In this way, it encourages a healthy balance between enjoying life’s riches and maintaining perspective.

Money Hoes Cars And Clothes Lyrics



This blog post has provided an in-depth analysis of the lyrics to ‘Money Hoes Cars And Clothes’ by Jay-Z. Through examining the language and imagery used, we can see that this song expresses a materialistic attitude which is often associated with rap music. The repetition of certain words throughout the track highlights how important these objects are to Jay-Z, and suggests that he values them highly as symbols of success.

Ultimately, this track provides insight into how rap culture sees money, possessions, and status – something which is echoed in many other hip-hop songs today.